Sorry Oprah, There’s No Such Thing As “Speaking Your Truth”

At the Golden Globes on Sunday night, Oprah Winfrey received the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award.

Upon receiving this award, she gave a very moving speech in which she acknowledged that the children dreaming of being in her position are currently watching Sidney Poitier, Recy Taylor, the necessity of the press, and the plague of sexual harassment in Hollywood and around the world. Her speech made many good points, and she touched on issues that many others were afraid to address, however, one of the most memorable lines of her speech was very misleading.

In addressing the necessity of the press, she stressed that in today’s world, the press is needed more than ever, also encouraging journalists to speak “your truth.”

I want to say that I value the press more than ever before, as we try to navigate these complicated times. Which brings me to this, what I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”

This line is not true, very misleading, and cannot be overlooked. The reason for this being the assertion that it makes.

This line asserts that truth is inherently subjective, which is utter nonsense.

There is no such thing as, “your truth.” Truth is objective. It doesn’t change for any person, regardless of how they feel about it. There are facts and then there are feelings.

For example, 2+2=4, correct? That is the truth. Well, what if in speaking, “your truth,” you assert that 2+2=5? If it is in fact, “your truth,” by Oprah’s logic this would be correct, right? Well, it’s not. It is not true, and you are wrong. It doesn’t matter how much you disagree, or how strongly you feel to the contrary, you are wrong. You cannot change truth.

This same concept applies to any and every universal truth. It doesn’t matter what you think about it, or how you feel about it, or what you say about it, you will not and cannot change the truth. Truth is truth.

There is no such thing as, “your truth.”



Photo Courtesy of Joe Crimmings

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