Six Winning Arguments for Pro-Life


“My body, my choice”

The people who identify  “Pro-Choice” usually reside to this argument quickly. To them, it makes them feel morally superior, and will usually win against someone who doesn’t quite understand biology. To combat this argument, you must first inform them that it’s not their body that we’re trying to make decisions over. The body we’re trying to protect is the separate being within their body. This statement usually leads to their next talking point listed next.

“It’s just a clump of cells”

This is a pretty easy argument to debunk. While that “clump” of cells might be accurate for a few days after fertilization, those cells contain separate DNA from the mother. In addition to proving that it has its own unique genetic code, asking their opinion on a certain “cut off” time will enhance your argument. Usually, they’ll say right before birth, before the second trimester, at the heartbeat, when pain can be sensed, or when brain activity starts. The best way to combat this is to prove to them the human characteristics the embryo/fetus has before that suggested cutoff. When they tell you, ” I don’t believe that life starts at conception,” a brief biology lesson will help. Prove to them that the process of a sperm cell and an egg cell connecting together makes a zygote with the necessary genetic code in order to form new life. From that moment on, that new forming life in the womb is its own being.

“I don’t want government in my body”

A great way to combat this is giving them some information on Planned Parenthood. Although Planned Parenthood’s abortions aren’t performed through the taxpayer’s money, their other services are, much of which is giving contraceptives to women that go in their body. So they technically say this argument while fighting for our taxes to go for their contraceptives. Also, you can tell them that while you don’t want government in your body, you support an organization that takes over 500 million dollars from government to give these services (Planned Parenthood Annual Report 2016-2017)

“Abortion is healthcare”

The first thing you should do is define healthcare to the opponent. Healthcare- “Efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals” (Merriam-Webster). Then you ask them, how is aborting an embryo or fetus the “maintenance or restoration of life or well-being?” To put simply, it’s not. It’s the process of dismembering and ending a life. There is only one instance in life when abortion is healthcare. If the pregnant mother’s life is at risk, to the point where restoring her life will end the life of the baby, this is healthcare. As unfortunate as this situation is, this is the only time where the mother has a choice on what to do with her body. In this case, it’s her body that is trying to be restored and maintained. If abortion is done through the non-medical convenience of the mother, it is not healthcare.

“No uterus, no opinion”

This is one of the silliest arguments out there because a percentage of women are born without a uterus. According to the National Library of Medicine, one in every 4,500 women are born without a uterus. Out of 3.7 billion women in the world, that means roughly 819.3 thousand women are born with this condition (Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome). Do these women not get a say? While talking about infertility, it is important to add that 12.1% of women (ages 15-44) are unable to make a child (Center of Disease Control and Prevention-Reproductive Health). Though this statistic disregards male infertility, aborting over 320,000 babies a year through Planned Parenthood doesn’t help them adopt that baby (Planned Parenthood Annual Report 2016-2017). That number nearly doubles when talking about abortions nationwide, not just through Planned Parenthood (Guttmacher Institute).

“Men shouldn’t have an opinion”

As a man writing this, this argument gets to me the most. My first statement to the opposition is pretty simple: “Why does any gender have the right to kill a baby in the first place?” The “Pro-Choice” side does have one good argument pertaining to “Men shouldn’t have an opinion.” They usually claim that many men don’t help enough (if at all) during pregnancy. So to men reading this, to lower these abortion statistics, let’s help women through pregnancy. As the father of the baby, you should be able to help the woman with the simple things she may not be able to do. Married, in a relationship, or no relationship, if you want to save a life, help that woman if she needs it. As bosses (male or female), let’s help the woman instead of scare her of losing her job. This goes for teachers as well. Maybe no one has an opinion on what you do what that body, but everyone should be able to help make better influences on the pregnant woman to keep the baby.



Cover Photo Courtesy of jordanuhl7

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