Pro-Life or Pro-Women? How About Both.

Since the case of Roe Vs. Wade passed 45 years ago, there has been a debate between men and women, and who has a say in the matter. Because I’m a man, I’ve been told by a few women that my view on abortion is “disrespectful” towards women. I’ve been called a misogynist and that I need to “check my privilege”. I assume that many men who speak out on this have dealt with similar accusations from the opposition. The following remarks will break down the whole “sexist” argument over defending life.

I want to start off by saying that I fully support the woman’s choice to her own body, just like I fully support the man’s choice to his own body. However, when there is another individual human life living inside of you, that human has rights to its own body just like you do. If men could carry a child for 9 months within their body, I would have the exact same view. The usual argument I get is:

“My rights overrule its rights”

As a human right, you have both the right to life, and the right not to be killed. The only way your rights supersede the rights of the unborn baby is if your life is in danger. For example, If a woman is in danger of giving birth or carrying a child, she has every right to cater to her physical health, because that is saving a life. There is no intention of terminating the pregnancy. To help clarify, the CDC defines abortion as:

An intervention performed by a licensed clinician (e.g., a physician, nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant) that is intended to terminate an ongoing pregnancy.”

I’ve always wondered, if your body isn’t in harm’s way, what right do you have to infringe on the rights of the other individual? Whether you believe it’s human or not, it’s our responsibility to nurture and protect that individual, just like you would for an infant. To be very clear, this isn’t directed just at women. Men need to be there too, they helped create the baby and they need to be equally responsible. I was also told:

“You’re a misogynist”

First of all, who would’ve thought that it is “sexist” or “misogynist” to defend the most vulnerable lives? Men and women have equal rights in America, except in the womb. The idea that men are a misogynist for supporting a pregnancy to term is far from the truth. It is empowering to all women that men support them through pregnancy, instead of saying that ending that life is a “reasonable” choice. Men get ridiculed if they don’t have an opinion or don’t support the woman, they’d be called “careless”. If you think about it, if all pro-life men were misogynist, wouldn’t the pro-life women condemn them? Furthermore, if it was so disrespectful to women, then why are so many women pro-life? I’ll tell you why, to put simply, not only does this movement care for your health and well being, we also care for the developing baby inside of you.

“Check your privilege”

This accusation/comment carries absolutely zero weight to the abortion debate. For one, what privilege do men have? If it’s a woman’s “choice”, then men get no say in whether their baby gets to live or not. Men regret missed fatherhood, plain and simple. The women have been privileged on this since 1973, and 60 million lives have been cut short due to the result of this “privilege”. Unfortunately, there has been this stupid epidemic of men telling women to abort, “bro-choice”, which is technically illegal. No man has the right to a woman’s body, and no man/woman has the right to another body. To answer my own question about a man’s privilege, it would be a privilege for him to have the pregnant girl submit to his illegal request.

Closing Opinion and Thank You

To all men, please do not be afraid to speak up. Learn about this issue, take time to fully grasp the people lost each day from this. The idea that men have been told to be silent on the issue is not only ignorant and careless, but it is also fascistic and must be stopped.  As I’ve voiced my opinion on this issue repeatedly, I’ve gained a lot of support from women who both agree and disagree with me. That’s how it should be, we must be adults and find a healthy solution to this problem. Thank you to all of the people that have supported me, especially the ones that may not agree.



Cover Photo Courtesy of TFP Student Action.








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