Judge cites ‘credible’ evidence of ‘romantic relationship’ between accuser, detective in campus rape case

‘My detective loves me’

The University of Cincinnati has been under federal investigation for two years for allegedly creating a sexually hostile environment against a student who said she was raped.

Now it could be on the hook for discriminating against the male student she accused.

A federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit against the public university by Tyler Gischel, whom it expelled after finding that he sexually assaulted the allegedly incapacitated female student, Jennifer Schoewe.

Gischel’s Title IX claim against the university for an “erroneous outcome,” procedural due process claim against individual officials and “malicious prosecution” claim against a detective in the case are going forward, under Judge Susan Dlott’s order.

In a bizarre twist, Gischel pointed to text messages between Schoewe and UC Detective William Richey that suggested they developed a “romantic relationship” during the investigation – evidence that Judge Dlott called “credible.”

In a social media post highlighted by Gischel’s legal team, Schoewe posted a photo of herself “wearing a police hat and vest with a caption that included the saying ‘my detective loves me.’”

Destroyed evidence, ignored court orders

The allegations drew public attention a year ago, before Gischel filed suit against UC, in a Cincinnati Enquirer feature with the headline “Meet the sexual assault survivor who ignited a federal investigation of UC” (below).

The criminal case against Gischel had been dropped two months earlier when Schoewe refused to give the defense the passcode to her phone.

The university also refused to give the Enquirer public records about Schoewe’s case, the paper said. (Gischel’s lawsuit against UC is unusual in that it names both accused and accuser.)


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