Nikki Haley: Future President, Modern-Day Fighter

Arguably the biggest storyline from the 2016 Presidential Election cycle was Hillary Clinton being the nominee for the Democratic party.  It was the first time a woman had accepted a Presidential nomination, thus making her the closest woman in American history to becoming President.  Unfortunately, due to the toxicity within the race, brought about by the voters and the media, the only care anyone seemed to have about her credentials, was the fact that she was a woman.  As a result, the only question that seemed to be on most people’s mind was would Hillary Clinton become the first woman to, “break the glass ceiling?”  This sexist stench followed the campaign, creating a cloud of fog overhead.  It even went as far as the Clinton campaign reserving the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which was constructed with a large glass ceiling, as their campaign watch party headquarters.

Fortunately, Hillary Clinton suffered an unexpected defeat, leaving the door wide open for a real, qualified woman to become President. But, that begs the question, who will that be?

Nikki Haley.

Former governor of South Carolina, and member of the House of Representatives, Nikki Haley has quickly rose to fame and prominence among conservatives for her diligence and perseverance in dealing with the United Nations.

An example of this being when the Trump administration had announced they would be moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This decision was much to the disliking of the other member countries.  A vote of 128-9 was cast, with 128 nations being opposed to the move.  This unfortunate vote prompted Nikki Haley to give an “America first” speech, essentially telling the rest of the United Nations to take a hike.  In doing so, the presence and strength of the United States was felt throughout the rest of the world.

The left likes to promote their version of inclusivity, even going as far as social media outlets like Twitter and YouTube directly promoting the emergence of women, people of color, and minorities overall; so that must mean they favor women like Haley, right?  What the left fails to do is include women that don’t think like them.  They champion women like Cecile Richards and Elizabeth Warren, rather than someone of impeccable character like Haley.

Nikki Haley announcing her candidacy for President would drive the left nuts.  They would scramble for reasons to label the GOP as racist and bigoted, latching on to their theory of the GOP being “old, white men.”  She would be attacked and ridiculed, much like President Trump was.  Though, as far as the general population knows, Nikki Haley has made little to no controversial statements, making these attacks grossly unwarranted.

Democrats today have a different attitude than years past.  A prominent Trump opposition group, “The Resistance” has been Trump’s primary enemy, along with the Women’s March, Chelsea Handler, Joy Reid, etc.  These groups of people, including Congressional Democrats, seem to never dish out any credit to the Trump administration.  Under the Trump administration in year one, ISIS was largely defeated, unemployment sunk to historically low numbers, and tax cuts were delivered.  If these were accomplished under President Obama, the left wouldn’t go a day without giving his administration credit, but solely because of the man in charge of the country, they decide to attack, even in times of prosperity.

This same idea would happen if Nikki Haley announced her candidacy.  The left has started a new trend of short-temperedness, taking their anger out on the GOP at every opportunity, which has seemed to backfire, as general poll numbers for the Republican party are on the rise, as many seem to be fed up with the left’s antics.

Adding a woman of color into the mix, especially a Republican woman, would cause the left to simply crumble.  Nikki Haley is a wife, mother, patriot, and a feminist.  Her strong family background, tied with her strong rooted faith and unbreakable family bond make her the perfect presidential candidate.  She has shown strength under pressure, diligence in her duties, and a deep love for this country.  Her consistent involvement in politics and serving the better interest of the people of the United States has led her to this point in her political career.  At just 46, which is rather young for politics, she has ascended the ladder, putting herself on the map while making the left sweat.

Soon enough, we will all be proudly exclaiming, “President Nikki Haley.”


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