Top Conservative Colleges in America

The liberal hysteria plaguing colleges across the nation has turned into a severe epidemic.  It seems that every day a new story is coming out regarding a ridiculous class offered, or a professor directly lashing out at the right.  What seems to have taken a backseat in this ongoing struggle are conservative campuses.  While the liberal campuses grossly outweigh conservative ones, it is vital that the conservative movement actively pushes these institutions as beacons of higher education.  Below is a list of some of the top conservative colleges in America.

  1. Hillsdale College

Located in Hillsdale, Michigan, Hillsdale college remains a premier college, both academically and politically.  Hillsdale college requires its students to show proficiency in the interpretation of the Constitution, mandating that students take the class.  The President of Hillsdale College is Larry Arnn, a conservative educator and author.  Hillsdale also sends out a monthly conservative newsletter, titled Imprimis.

  1. Cedarville University

Located in Cedarville Ohio, under President Dr. Thomas White, Cedarville University is a small Baptist school. It was founded in 1887 and is among one of the top universities located in the Midwest.  With generous financial aid and a student-faculty ratio of 13:1, Cedarville has remained a top choice for conservatives to further their education.


  1. Brigham Young University

As one of the largest private universities in America, BYU remains strong in its beliefs.  A more socially conservative college, BYU has a strict policy of no alcohol or drugs on or off campus, while also greatly condemning sex before marriage.  One of the more notable alumni of BYU is former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  Students must also follow a professional dress code.  The various guidelines in place at BYU creates a strong social conservative atmosphere.


  1. Grove City College

Located in Grove City, PA, GCC is regarded as one of the top conservative colleges in America.  In a rather democratic state like PA, this should come as a pleasant surprise for those wanting to further their education.  Under President Paul McNulty and Provost Robert J, Graham, Grove City College is Christ centered school.  A strong religions presence is felt across campus, as students are required to attend 16 chapel services per semester.  Furthermore, GCC also boasts strong academic performance, with an average 3.7 GPA among students.


  1. Southwestern Assemblies of God University

I do believe I would be doing a disservice to the South if I failed to include one of their schools.  This should come as no surprise to anyone, as the state of Texas is arguably the most conservative state in the country.  Located in Waxahachie Texas, SAGU boasts a #6 ranking on Niche’s most conservative colleges in America.  Under President Kermit Bridges and Provost Paul Brooks, SAGU is a faith centered institution.  A notable alumnus of SAGU is Texas State Representative Gary Elkins, who has held his position since 1995.


While compiling this list, I noticed a slightly disturbing trend.   There seems to be a direct correlation of small schools being more conservative.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the students attending, it can present a monumental problem going forward.  The liberal lunacy we see every day on campuses across the country seem to be spawning from larger universities.  The professors at these universities have a duty to properly educate their pupils, with little to no bias.  Unfortunately, higher education has now largely become a joke, simply because some professors sympathize with those on the left, and want to carry their beliefs into the classroom.  We’ve seen classes on white racism, and conservatives’ speech being limited on campuses across our great nation.

Those on the right who are fed up with the unnecessary drama plaguing higher education should be a voice for conservative colleges.  Those who have a platform to promote conservatism should also be strong advocates for a proper higher education experience, so maybe one day, colleges and universities can return to their original purpose.








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