Why I’m Pro-Life

The Pro-Life movement is something that is very important to me, not only as a Christian, but as a female and a person with strong morals. Abortion should be called what it is, murder, and should be outlawed entirely.

With that being said, listed below are some of the most common Pro-choice arguments that I have come across, and I intend to tell you what I believe they are wrong.

No one should tell a woman what to do or not to do with her body. 

Pro-Choice advocates state that they stand for a woman’s right to choose, and that the “choice,” is all about the woman and her choice. But what about the father? What about the life inside of her? I think their rights are equally as important as the woman’s rights.

A baby is its own person, made from two people. The thoughts of all three parties should be considered. Even if the mother & the father both choose to abort the baby, then they are not including a crucial opinion- the baby’s.

A fetus is not a human life. 

Biologically, a fetus is a living human being from the time that an egg is fertilized. It seems that liberals have a problem with this simple biological fact, but the human embryo that is formed at fertilization is human life.

  • At just 4 weeks, the fetus begins to develop its’ organs.
  • At 5 weeks, the heart starts beating.
  • Between 6-8 weeks, the facial features and limbs grow.
  • At 12 weeks, you can hear the child’s heart beat.
  • Between19-23 weeks, the child begins to be able to hear and feel motion.

You can’t tell me that’s not a human life. It has organs, just like you and I, at only one month.

Adoption shelters are full of children waiting to be adopted. The child doesn’t have a chance.

This is true. Children are not being adopted as quickly as they are being put up for adoption. The statistics, though, are different based on the age of the child. Newborn babies have the highest adoption rates. Couples literally wait in line for years for a newborn to adopt. Women that are incapable of having children should have the same opportunity to have a son or daughter as anyone else would.
If the pure morality of giving someone a child who can’t have one isn’t enough, putting a child up for adoption does pay. By choosing to commit to an adoption plan in the beginning of a pregnancy, the agency provides monetary benefits and assistance during pregnancy, and most often times after, as well.

What if the life in question is a product of rape?

Personally, I was undecided on this scenario for a while, and I would avoid talking about it in an argument. I did some research and some thinking on it, though, and I’ve realized that a “rape baby” is still a babyI’ve met people that chose to keep a child who was a product of rape, and wouldn’t change that for anything.

The child should not be punished for what was done- it wasn’t their fault. But, if you still believe that the child is a “burden”, then adoption is still an option.

Some women claim that they do not want to carry the child due to PTSD. THE PTSD WILL NOT GO AWAY AFTER THE RAPE. That is something that will continue to be part of your life. You will never forget it. Blaming yourself or the baby for your trauma is not okay.

What if the woman’s life is in danger?

I was undecided on this scenario for a while, too.
I know it’s not a great idea to quote a TV show in a formal article, but I think it’s important. I’ve only seen one Grey’s Anatomy episode (funny how it ended up being this one), and during it a woman named Callie is pregnant and then is involved in a car accident with another character. The woman wanted to keep the baby more than anything, and the doctors were constantly fighting battles with each other on whether to save Callie, save the baby, or save them both. One of the doctors said something that really made up my mind on this issue which was, “Can you imagine how she would feel if she woke up and we weren’t able to save the baby?” If Pro-Choice advocates really want to say its all about the woman, then consider the feelings of a woman who wants to keep her baby.
A doctor will always try to save both the mother and the child. At the time that a danger is prevalent, the mother has most often already chosen to keep the baby.

It was an accident. 

Responsibility needs to be taken. Thousands of children are born as “accidents”. Their parents don’t regret them.


If both the mother and father still believe that they are not fit to be parents, then they can put the child up for adoption.


Take Aways

The biggest thing that I want people to take-away from these Pro-Life arguments is that the baby’s life does not have to be terminated because a woman does not have the morals to at least carry the baby. There are many after-birth options. You are not too unfit to continue through the pregnancy.


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