Author: Jackson Collier

I'm an aspiring author with a pen that never seems to run out of ink.

The Shutdown is Not One-Sided

The United States government shut down for the eighteenth time in modern history on Saturday, January 20th. The reason behind the shutdown was an inability to reach a bipartisan agreement on Congressional funding.

It should be noted that Republicans control the House, Senate, and the Presidency, but were still not able to pass a bill in the Senate. Per the Washington Post: “A government shutdown causing employee furloughs has never occurred under unified party control of Congress and the White House. Some furloughs of White House employees began immediately early Saturday.”

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Outlook 2020: Democratic Candidates

Elections are always on the minds of politicians in the United States. The first item on an elected official’s agenda is how to get re-elected, and when a politician is eyeing a presidential run, there is almost no such thing as announcing your candidacy too early. So, just over two-and-a-half years until the next presidential election, here are the most likely candidates to run on the Democratic ticket.

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