Author: Matt Kesterson

I'm a 21 year old college student at West Virginia University.

Pro-Life or Pro-Women? How About Both.

Since the case of Roe Vs. Wade passed 45 years ago, there has been a debate between men and women, and who has a say in the matter. Because I’m a man, I’ve been told by a few women that my view on abortion is “disrespectful” towards women. I’ve been called a misogynist and that I need to “check my privilege”. I assume that many men who speak out on this have dealt with similar accusations from the opposition. The following remarks will break down the whole “sexist” argument over defending life.

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Why I’m Pro-Life, and Why You Should Be Too.

My Start:

When I was in elementary school, almost everyone I knew had their birth parents in their lives. When there would be parent-student events in the classroom, all I saw was each physical trait a student got from either their mom or their dad. Then, when my peers would see my parents, they’d usually tell me, “You look nothing like your parents”. They were right, because I’m adopted, I really don’t look like either of my parents.  Continue reading “Why I’m Pro-Life, and Why You Should Be Too.”

Six Winning Arguments for Pro-Life


“My body, my choice”

The people who identify  “Pro-Choice” usually reside to this argument quickly. To them, it makes them feel morally superior, and will usually win against someone who doesn’t quite understand biology. To combat this argument, you must first inform them that it’s not their body that we’re trying to make decisions over. The body we’re trying to protect is the separate being within their body. This statement usually leads to their next talking point listed next.

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