Author: Lexie Bess

A California School Shooting with a “Weapon of War”

Six years ago today there was a school shooting at Oikos University in California that led to the deaths of seven people, also injuring three. What was the weapon used in this school shooting? A .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) handgun that would be deemed a “weapon of war” to most people, since this handgun is also used in the U.S. Armed Forces.

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I’m Done Being a Disarmed Student

When I drive to class every day, I have to leave my firearm in my vehicle. I have taken the class required of me, passed the tests, passed my background check, and have my handgun carry permit. However, I continuously have my rights stripped from me every day I go to class. Why is that? My university is a gun free zone.

Being a gun free zone also means that my university is also a target zone. Because I am unable to protect myself, I am a walking target in today’s world. After the evil we have seen in this country, it still amazes me that I am not allowed to protect myself where I go to class. What is even more of a shocker is that if I were 21 and had my carry permit, I wouldn’t be allowed to have a firearm where I go to sleep at night on campus which is even more frightening to me.

When we see the evil of these shootings, whether it be Sandy Hook or Stoneman Douglass, the country quickly turns to taking away firearms or making it harder to obtain them instead of asking the question why no one at that school was able to defend themselves. If the law was unable to stop a 19-year-old from obtaining a firearm, what makes people think that more laws would block more evil? It won’t.

Evil will persist no matter what kind of restrictions we as a country attempt to place on this evil. Making it harder for law-abiding citizens to obtain a firearm isn’t the answer.

You say you only want to ban AR-15’s? Why would anyone need this type of firearm? Well, an AR-15 is a type of a semi-automatic. For those of you who don’t know what that is, that is the same type of firearm that most citizens carry for their protection. My personal firearm, Glock 27, is a semi-automatic firearm. Therefore, if I allow for legislators to take away this style of semi-automatic what is to keep them from banning all semi-automatic firearms including my pistol?

There is a bigger picture that people in this country are failing to see.

This debate shouldn’t be about how can we take firearms away from more people, it should be about why our agencies are failing to pick up the signs of people who wish harm onto someone else. When the FBI fails to follow a lead on an individual who has firearms and wishes to do harm to a school, that should be what the discussion is about. The discussion shouldn’t be about restricting my rights as a law-abiding citizen, but rather taking away the rights of those who choose to break the law like these shooters do.

Energy is being wasted over pressuring legislators to make it harder to purchase firearms, that energy should be targeted towards agencies who are allowing these individuals who are reported to fall through the cracks.

Instead of students pushing for gun control, why aren’t they pushing for their right to carry and protect themselves? I’m not here to play the “what if” game, I’m here to fight for my well-being in a world filled with evil. I am one of those students pushing for the removal of gun-free zones that place a target on my back because of my inability to defend myself.