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Sheriff Scott Israel Needs To Step Down

It saddens me to say this, but we continue to witness mass shooting after mass shooting. Schools should be places where innocent children should be able to walk freely down the halls from classroom to classroom, without the fear of getting shot at or killed.

Unfortunately, not having a fear of getting shot in school is no longer an option for thousands of children in this country who have had to experience such a tragedy. The children, teachers, adults and faculty members who have had to endure such pain have to live with this fear, in part, because of the changing moral landscape in this country.

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Stop Using Tragedy to Push Your Political Agenda

On Wednesday, February 14th, 2018, the United States witnessed one of the worst school shootings in our nation’s history. 17 innocent people had their lives cut short by a heinous, senseless act of violence. Their names and memories will never be forgotten.

Sen. Christopher Murphy (D-CT) took to the Senate floor to push reform, while the scene was still active. At the time, there had been no information released about the shooter, the investigation, or the number of lives lost. However, Murphy wasted no time in using this tragedy to push his political agenda. In doing so, he made baseless claims, cited false statistics, and made assumptions that have now been proven to be false.

As did Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, and many others (politicians, celebrities, and average citizens alike).

I want to be very clear when I say this: Using the slaughter of innocent children to push your political agenda is despicable, reprehensible, inhumane, and immoral.


Here’s the truth of the matter:


Sen. Murphy claimed that, “this happens no-where else other than the United States of America,” as did others.

According to The Crime Prevention Research Center, that is not correct. The United States is not ranked among the top 10 countries in terms of death rate and frequency, in regards to mass shootings.

The Annual Death Rate from Mass-Public Shootings (per million people) comparing the U.S. to European countries from 2009 to 2015 are (in order of rank): Norway, Serbia, France, Macedonia, Albania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, and then the United States. The U.S. is ranked 11th amongst this list.

Also, the Frequency of Mass Public Shootings (per million people) comparing the U.S. to European countries from January 2009 to December of 2015 are (in order of rank): Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Switzerland, Norway, Slovakia, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, France and then the United States. The U.S. is ranked 12th amongst this list.

These statistics compare the death rate and frequency of mass shootings on a per capita basis, which accounts for the typically erroneously cited disproportion.

Also on a global spectrum, all but 2 of the 25 worst mass public shootings in history have happened outside of the U.S., per The Crime Prevention Research Center.


Sen. Murphy and others also cited a statistic claiming that this was the 18th school shooting in the U.S. in 2018.

This claim was also found to be incorrect and incredibly misleading. According to The Washington Post, “no, there haven’t been 18 school shootings in 2018. That number is flat wrong.”

Only 5 of the reported 18 “school shootings” listed as the basis for this claim resulted in physical injury. The other reported “school shootings,” were similar in nature to the case of the third grader who accidentally pulled the trigger of a police officer’s holstered pistol, firing a round into the floor, where no one was injured (this was also cited in the report).


Also, the claim was made by Sen. Murphy and others that the cause of this shooting was the inaction of Congress.

This was also proven to be incorrect. Those at fault for the shooting were the shooter himself and the government agencies that failed to stop him.

The negligence of various government agencies and the failure to follow basic protocol cost these 17 innocent children their lives.

The FBI received two reports on the shooter, prior to the shooting.

The first coming from a YouTuber who reported last fall that someone had left a comment on his video under the shooter’s name that stated that the shooter wanted to be “a professional school shooter.”

The second report coming from a direct call to the FBI on January 5th of this year in which the caller detailed, “the shooter’s gun ownership, his desire to kill people, his erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting.” The FBI stated that this information should have been assessed as a potential threat to human life and as a result should have been investigated. But, they didn’t… and 17 innocent people lost their lives as a result.

So, in summation, if you want to have a discussion on gun control policy, that’s perfectly fine. Present your solution, and allow us all to have a rational, political conversation on your proposed solution. But, do not use the murder of 17 innocent children to push your political agenda. That is unjust and immoral.


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I’m Done Being a Disarmed Student

When I drive to class every day, I have to leave my firearm in my vehicle. I have taken the class required of me, passed the tests, passed my background check, and have my handgun carry permit. However, I continuously have my rights stripped from me every day I go to class. Why is that? My university is a gun free zone.

Being a gun free zone also means that my university is also a target zone. Because I am unable to protect myself, I am a walking target in today’s world. After the evil we have seen in this country, it still amazes me that I am not allowed to protect myself where I go to class. What is even more of a shocker is that if I were 21 and had my carry permit, I wouldn’t be allowed to have a firearm where I go to sleep at night on campus which is even more frightening to me.

When we see the evil of these shootings, whether it be Sandy Hook or Stoneman Douglass, the country quickly turns to taking away firearms or making it harder to obtain them instead of asking the question why no one at that school was able to defend themselves. If the law was unable to stop a 19-year-old from obtaining a firearm, what makes people think that more laws would block more evil? It won’t.

Evil will persist no matter what kind of restrictions we as a country attempt to place on this evil. Making it harder for law-abiding citizens to obtain a firearm isn’t the answer.

You say you only want to ban AR-15’s? Why would anyone need this type of firearm? Well, an AR-15 is a type of a semi-automatic. For those of you who don’t know what that is, that is the same type of firearm that most citizens carry for their protection. My personal firearm, Glock 27, is a semi-automatic firearm. Therefore, if I allow for legislators to take away this style of semi-automatic what is to keep them from banning all semi-automatic firearms including my pistol?

There is a bigger picture that people in this country are failing to see.

This debate shouldn’t be about how can we take firearms away from more people, it should be about why our agencies are failing to pick up the signs of people who wish harm onto someone else. When the FBI fails to follow a lead on an individual who has firearms and wishes to do harm to a school, that should be what the discussion is about. The discussion shouldn’t be about restricting my rights as a law-abiding citizen, but rather taking away the rights of those who choose to break the law like these shooters do.

Energy is being wasted over pressuring legislators to make it harder to purchase firearms, that energy should be targeted towards agencies who are allowing these individuals who are reported to fall through the cracks.

Instead of students pushing for gun control, why aren’t they pushing for their right to carry and protect themselves? I’m not here to play the “what if” game, I’m here to fight for my well-being in a world filled with evil. I am one of those students pushing for the removal of gun-free zones that place a target on my back because of my inability to defend myself.

Why I’m Pro-Life

The Pro-Life movement is something that is very important to me, not only as a Christian, but as a female and a person with strong morals. Abortion should be called what it is, murder, and should be outlawed entirely.

With that being said, listed below are some of the most common Pro-choice arguments that I have come across, and I intend to tell you what I believe they are wrong.

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Robert Mueller and Alleged Baseless Surveillance of U.S. Citizens: A Troubled History

In U.S. history, there are 2 major instances in which alleged baseless surveillance of U.S. citizen(s) has occurred.

During both instances, Robert Mueller has been a prominent figure.

Is this just a coincidence?

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Judge cites ‘credible’ evidence of ‘romantic relationship’ between accuser, detective in campus rape case

‘My detective loves me’

The University of Cincinnati has been under federal investigation for two years for allegedly creating a sexually hostile environment against a student who said she was raped.

Now it could be on the hook for discriminating against the male student she accused.

A federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit against the public university by Tyler Gischel, whom it expelled after finding that he sexually assaulted the allegedly incapacitated female student, Jennifer Schoewe.

Gischel’s Title IX claim against the university for an “erroneous outcome,” procedural due process claim against individual officials and “malicious prosecution” claim against a detective in the case are going forward, under Judge Susan Dlott’s order.

In a bizarre twist, Gischel pointed to text messages between Schoewe and UC Detective William Richey that suggested they developed a “romantic relationship” during the investigation – evidence that Judge Dlott called “credible.”

In a social media post highlighted by Gischel’s legal team, Schoewe posted a photo of herself “wearing a police hat and vest with a caption that included the saying ‘my detective loves me.’”

Destroyed evidence, ignored court orders

The allegations drew public attention a year ago, before Gischel filed suit against UC, in a Cincinnati Enquirer feature with the headline “Meet the sexual assault survivor who ignited a federal investigation of UC” (below).

The criminal case against Gischel had been dropped two months earlier when Schoewe refused to give the defense the passcode to her phone.

The university also refused to give the Enquirer public records about Schoewe’s case, the paper said. (Gischel’s lawsuit against UC is unusual in that it names both accused and accuser.)


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Pro-Life or Pro-Women? How About Both.

Since the case of Roe Vs. Wade passed 45 years ago, there has been a debate between men and women, and who has a say in the matter. Because I’m a man, I’ve been told by a few women that my view on abortion is “disrespectful” towards women. I’ve been called a misogynist and that I need to “check my privilege”. I assume that many men who speak out on this have dealt with similar accusations from the opposition. The following remarks will break down the whole “sexist” argument over defending life.

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